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Endless Multi-Ancillary Opportunities

Our Dynamic Embedded Widget enables 400+ of the largest technology and retail brands across the Global Travel & Tourism Industries to achieve a superior Customer Experience, whilst providing unparalleled ancillary revenue streams for OTAs, Tour Operators, Cruise Lines, Experiences, Travel Agents and more.

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Instant Refunds,
Instant Revenue.

The World’s leading end-to-end Refundable Bookings service, enabling the largest Travel & Tourism brands to provide next-level Customer Experience through enhanced refund terms, and significant new ancillary revenue streams through AI technology and Dynamic pricing.

Our advanced Refund System and global Customer Experience team validate each application with speed, handle each customer request with the utmost empathy, and process the 100% refund payment to the customer within minutes, enabling you to retain the booking revenue, and earn additional revenue through the small extra fee.

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Step 1

Add our easy-to-integrate Dynamic Widget into your online booking flow, enabling you to start offering your customers Refundable Booking options on Non-Refundable fares.

All pricing, content and relevant products are chosen and provided all by our Protect Platform AI, ensuring a seamless launch.



Step 2

A customer makes their booking and before payment, is presented with the personalised Refundable Bookings Dynamic Widget, highlighting highly relevant content and possible risks, and at a customer-driven price that has a high probability of converting.



Step 3

The customer selects a Refundable Booking upgrade for a small extra fee, which is added to the booking total amount and the customer pays as normal.



Step 4

Between purchase and the booking date, the customer experiences an emergency circumstance that is unforeseen and prevents them from attending their booking.

The customer accesses our innovative Refund Application Form online, which is auto-populated with all their basic information, resulting in faster refund processing times for your customers.

The customer completes their refund application in under 5 minutes, selecting their chosen currency from over 90 possible options, and clicking "Submit Refund".



Step 5

Instantly, our AI-powered Customer Experience system analyses and validates the application and supporting documents, and within a few seconds, the customer receives a direct communication that their refund has been approved, and they should receive their 100% refund the same day.

Our Refundable Advantages

Find out more about our unique benefits that by scheduling a quick 30 minute demo of our Dynamic Widget and receive your revenue predictions.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience Platform also leverages Sentiment Scoring and automation to process refunds quicker than ever before and prioritise the most sensitive of emergencies, delivering a Customer Experience fit for any consumer-centric Travel brand.

This has resulted in a marketing leading Customer Experience and Trustpilot score of 4.8 Stars from 26,000+ reviews.We understand as people, that life cannot always fit within strict black and white terms and conditions. Our multi-lingual 24/7 Customer Experience team, together with the power of our Protect Group AI, are trained to treat every one of your customers and their situations with the utmost empathy.

24/7 Customer Experience

Dedicated CX teams located across our 12 regional offices globally, for quick & effective responses, with multi-language & multi-currency capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Our refund systems have AI technology and sentiment scoring built in, processing refunds quicker than ever before & prioritising the most emotional customers.

Instant Auto Handling

90% of all approved refunds are auto-handled, meaning customers receive their refund instantly or in minutes.

Customer-centric approach

Our diverse approach enables CX Managers to approve divers applications, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting revenue. Our global CX team are trained in conflict resolution to minimise complaints a quickly as possible, removing any risk to brand reputation.


Ancillary Revenue

Our Dynamic Widget is entirely personalised to each customer as they pass through your booking journey, understanding the type of experience, trip length and distance, booking lead time, whether they are booking as a family or a solo traveller.

Therefore only highly relevant content, pricing and products will be presented to each customer, at exactly the right time, to significantly increase propensity to buy at a customer-driven price.

This Dynamic technology maximises the ancillary revenue potential for our Members, resulting in an unparalleled revenue stream, significantly greater than traditional protection or insurances.

Incomparable Ancillary Revenue

Our algorithm leverages data from millions of customer interactions across over 109 countries to optimize value presentation. This influences positive buying decisions at the optimal price.

Highly Relevant Products

Offer other additional products through the same Dynamic Widget which we know will be highly relevant to the customer's journey and trip.



Every Widget is designed with an Easy-to-Integrate focus, understanding the limited technology resource and time across our industries, and to further assist with your on-boarding we and provide a full Integration Platform and Support to all of our Members - wherever you may be located.

Our Dynamic Capabilities also enable our Members to offer our services seamlessly across a wide variety of experiences, refund policies, booking types and risk, just by tailoring messaging and price.

Our Protect Platform AI learns from millions of interactions with our Widgets in real-time, and has built a deep understanding of customer needs and risks in over 109 countries worldwide. Pricing and personalised content is delivered to each customer within 100m/s by our Dynamic Widget, meaning you simply plug us into your booking engine and watch the Ancillary Revenue pour directly to your bottom line.

We aim to be at the forefront of Customer Experience technology, investing heavily into our platforms, AI, and teams to provide a superior level of service and create further innovative products to positively disrupt our industries.



Receive further revenue benefits by retaining revenue on each refunded booking

Increase customer booking confidence

Support your CSAT and NPS scores

Reduce financial risk of offering flexible refund terms

Refundable Terms and Conditions

We provide the most extensive Refundable Terms available, covering a wide range of refund reasons, including "any Emergency Circumstances", to address major life events. Our flexible criteria prioritize understanding various emergency situations, ensuring an exceptional Customer Experience.

Emergency Circumstances:
Accident, Illness or Injury (Incl. Covid-19):
Death / Death of Immediate Family:
Pre-existing Medical Conditions:
Armed Forces Recall:
Emergency Services Recall:
Jury Service:
Court Summons:
Home Emergencies:
Family Emergencies:
Public Transport Failure:
Pregnancy Related Conditions:
Changes to Exam Dates:
Relocated for Work:
Theft of Document(s) or Ticket(s):
Government Travel Ban:

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